Fascia Installation & Repair Specialists

Whether you need Fascia Repaired or New Fascia Installed our Fascia Installation and Repair Specialists will assist you in getting your Fascia Problems solved right the first time and within budget.

As the leading Fascia Installation and Repair Specialist in Toronto, we have extensive experience Installing and Repairing “any kind” of Fascia on the market.

Maintaining, Repairing and Replacing Roofing Fascia

Fascia board is the component of the roof that attaches to the exposed side of the roof rafters. Visually, it acts as a trim, adding more aesthetic appeal to a home. It also offers increased weather protection, and lends additional support to the guttering systems.

Fascia comes in various materials and colours, so it can complement the look of any home. The protection that Fascia offers is essential, however, it is therefore important to Maintain it as required. Since Fascia makes initial contact with inclement weather, it faces wear. Issues that can occur with the Fascia that may require Maintenance, Repairs or Replacement include:

Wet rot of the Fascia – as rain falls or snow and ice melt around the Fascia, the material can begin to rot. This can then spread to other parts of the roof, causing further Problems.

Detachment of the Fascia – the Fascia can begin to come apart from the other components of the roof over time, and this is something that should be Repaired, before it fails to provide protection to other important elements of your home.

Some early warning signs that your Fascias need Repair include: Leaking Gutters, rotting or sagging wood or roof ends, and damp patches appearing on your interior walls. .

Depending upon the specific issue that you are experiencing with the Fascia, it may be possible to Repair a small component. Even if Replacement of a rotten section is necessary, one of the features of Fascia is that it is possible to simply Repair that piece, rather than Replacing the entire Fascia.

We offer aluminum, fiber cement board, and custom made cedar Fascia. Were you aware that the right Fascia can increase the life of your roof? And don't forget about that all important "curb appeal." We'll help you choose the right Fascia for your budget, your application, and the beauty of your home.

Fascia Replacement is often part of a larger siding project, but sometimes all you need is the Fascia Repaired. MX Roofing will give you an honest analysis of your home and an estimate for whatever Fascia work is required.

We're a local Southern Ontario company. We know the winters are harsh and the summers can be hot and humid. That's why we only use Fascia products that can stand up to the extremes of our Southern Ontario weather.

Fascia also improves attic ventilation, helping properly regulate inside heating and cooling systems ultimately reducing energy costs. Fascia provides homeowners with many important benefits, including an improved structural soundness and lifespan for keeping at bay outside hazards to your beams and roofing including weather and insects.

Types of Fascia Repairs - We Repair “any” Fascia Problem!

Our Fascia Repair Services are designed to extend the life of your Roof by Identifying and Fixing minor Roof Problems before they become major issues.

Fascia Repair or Installation Estimate

MX Roofing delivers the same high level of service to all our customers, no matter how large or small the job. When you have your Fascia Repaired by MX Roofing you can rest assured that your Fascia Repair will be done right the first time around! All of Our professional Fascia Repairs include a Fascia Inspection Consultation and a Fascia Repair Estimat

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