Shingled Roofing Services

Your home's first line of defence against climate is the roof.This is where the quality of work done on your roof is crucial.

Whether you need a Roof Repair or a New Roof Installed our Master Roofers will assist you in getting your Roofing Problems solved right the first time and within budget.

As the leading Roofer in Toronto, we have extensive experience Installing and Repairing “any kind” of Roof on the market.MXRoofing Roofer Repairs and Installations have included slate, cedar, cement, ply, asphalt, shingle, tar, tile, sheet metal and steel Roofs in Toronto, Hamilton, Oshawa, Barrie and their surrounding areas.

100% Guarantee!

With our 100% Guarantee on all materials and workmanship, having your Roof Repaired or Installed by MX Roofing is one of the best investments you can make in your home. In the unlikely event that our Roofers feel your Roof is beyond satisfactory Repair and a New Roof is recommended, we will tell you so up front. Plus, should you decide to proceed with a New Roof, we will deduct the price of your Roof Repair from the cost of installing a New Roof.

Has your Roof Leaked?

If your Roof is Leaking don’t wait!! A Leaky Roof should not be left uninspected. Roof Leaks should be inspected within 24 – 48 hours to eliminate the chance of mold developing. Our Roof Leak Detection Services will pinpoint the problem areas.

Types of Roof Repairs – We Repair “any” Roof Problem!

Roof Missing ShinglesBroken ShinglesRoof Buckling

Missing ShinglesBroken ShinglesRoof Buckling

Roof ClawingRoof Curling

Roof ClawingRoof Curling

Our Roof Repairs include but are not limited to: Replacing Missing or Broken Shingles, Repairing Roof Buckling, Repairing ridge caps/hip caps, Checking and Sealing Roof Valleys, Repairing Roof Curling, Repairing Roof Clawing, Repairing Roof Bare Spots, Sealing around sanitary pipes and soil stacks, Sealing around vertical wall joints, Cleaning and Sealing Eavestroughs, Sealing and re-securing around air vents, Sealing around Chimneys, Securing loose nails, Checking for blocked downspouts, Repairing cracked Flashing, Recualking dried out caulk around Flashing, and Securing and Resealing all loose Flashing.

Our Roof Repair Services are designed to extend the life of your Roof by Identifying and Fixing minor Roof Problems before they become major issues.

Roof Repair Estimate

With expertise ranging from Flat Roofs to Steep Slope Roofs to Roof Leak Repair, MX Roofing delivers the same high level of service to all our customers, no matter how large or small the job. When you have your Roof Repaired or Installed by MX Roofing you can rest assured that your Roof Repair or Installation will be done right the first time around! All of Our professional Roof Repairs and Installations include a Roof Inspection Consultation and a Roofing Repair or Installation Estimate.

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